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3D - прототипирования Зеленограда

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Our services

Highly accurate 3D- printing


3D - printing is one of the cheapest and fastest way of producing prototypes and low-volume products. Professional equipment, which allows to produce highly accurate products using the powder of metals, thermoplastic materials and photopolymers, is available in our center



The new direction – Modelling is available in the center of prototyping. Our experts will help our clients’ ideas become real by using modern technologies of modelling and planning.



The center of  collective learning is accessible for our clients with the help of the center of prototyping. Co-operative working allows us not only to elaborate, but also to produce end items, hi-tech products according to customers’ assignments.

The new infrastructure project - the Center of prototyping – was started by innovative territorial cluster “Zelenograd”. Helping  small and medium-sized enterprises , start-up companies with producing quickly and qualitatively different prototypes of hi-tech products with the help of modern methods of modelling and planning using adaptive 3D-technologies is the main Centre’s task.

  • We will help developers to realize their ideas
  • We will help enterprises to find new ways of producing
  • We change methods of  development and production

You can use online calculator to count the approximate price of printing. To do it, please, load the file of your model.