центр промышленного дизайна и
3D - прототипирования Зеленограда

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Today a complex approach in realisation of the ideas of the customer becomes more and more urgent.

In the Centre of prototyping together with the direction of the 3D-stamp and Simulation are accessible services of the Centre of shared (COS)

COS includes companies with different directions and great experience, which are situated in one building in special economical zone in the territory of Zelenograd. The main task of the Center of prototyping is to unite COS abilities to realize customers' tasks.

Application of modern digital technologies of prototyping straight influences the reduction of the cycle “designing - implementation - duplicating”. In the Centre of prototyping it is possible to design and to produce active prototype model of high-technology article completely “on a turn-key basis”, as well as opportunity of placement of the order to his any components is provided.
Centre of prototyping is integrated to the network of the centres of contract production and shared on the territory of the cluster “Zelenograd”. Centre complements and unites opportunities and resources of the organisations and enterprises rendering technological servicess based on active network that considerably expands opportunities of performance of the most difficult orders of designers. Today active network of the centres of contract production of the IT “Zelenograd” serves more than 7 thousand consumers.

Apart from creation of prototype models in the Centre it is possible to make order to manufacturing of initial lot or to short-run production of high-technology articles.

How does it work?

1 phase. Description and formalization of the idea заказчика

2 phase. Development of block diagram проекта

3 phase. Choice of companies of the COS pursuant to проектом

4 phase. Realisation together with COS

5 phase. Results underlining and  stocktaking

Directions which are avaliable together with COS

Equipment and high-technology articles designing

  • Designing of electronic devices
  • Development of structural, functional, electric, block diagrams 3D simulation and designing of high-technology devices, units, cases and details
  • Animation and visualisation of high-technology devices
  • Designing of compression moulds, stamps and completions with System of automatic proecting 

Microcircuits designing

  • Mcrocircuits designing
  • Topology designing
  • Granting and integration in IP blocks project 
  • Reverse engeneering
  • Prototyping

Photo masks designing and manufacturing

  • Photo masks designing
  • Photo masks producing
  • Automatic control of conformity of topological drawing
  • Defects searcing and elimination 

Experiments and control

  • Qualifying, periodic types of tests execution
  • Programs development, additional reject tests execution with increased reliable specifications
  • Functional control and testing 
  • Failure analysis. Destructive physical analysis. Reliability of the Design Bureau of Experimental evaluation 
  • Analysis of constructively-technological decisions of modern LARGE-SCALE INTEGRATED CIRCUIT


  • Metal laser sharp 
  • Metal sheet roller and flexing 
  • Guillotine metal cutting
  • Stamping
  • Sewing and milling works, including on machine tools with CNC
  • Plumbing
  • Metal plating
  • Details flat and round polishing
  • Welding of common, precision and semi-automatic

Finishing processing 

  • Metal processing
  • Powder coating
  • Engraving 

Casting manufacture

  • Manufacturing of various articles using polymer materials
  • Manufacturing of aluminium molds using method of casting the under pressure