центр промышленного дизайна и
3D - прототипирования Зеленограда

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In the Center of prototyping to our customers technologies of the 3D stamp of ultimate articles and prototype models are accessible. At the end of 2015 “top” equipment of leading manufacturers, such was purchased as Concept Laser and Stratasys.

To our customers several technologies are accessible:

Selective laser melting SLM metal powders. According to this technology it is possible to prooduce items from wide spectrum of jet and nonjet metal powders of the most difficult designs and geometry. Technology takes a specific place in metal-processing, due to opportunity of without waste manufacturing without metal-cutting tools of research and development samples or serial items.

Simulation by method FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling is a layer-by-layer imposing of melted polymer thread). Technology allows to produce cheap and strong conceptual models from thermoplastics of industrial class, producing small-sized models in a few hours, and large - in a period of a few days.

The technology of three-dimensional stamp PolyJet allows to create the most realistic models. You can unite various materials to one automatic assembling for creation of the models which appear and are felt as finished products with all thin details, smooth surfaces, strong cases, soft buttons, letters, elastic sealings and even by transparent details.

These technologies will find wide use in different areas.

Conceptual simulation allows design companies to expand its opportunities at the expense of the embodiment of lot of the ideas and development of promising projects.

Creation of functional prototype models. Using our equipment you will be able to enter into a market faster. Correct errors and you introduce improvements on early design stages, when it is the least expensive.   

Manufacturing of end items. Our equipment allows to create strong, stable and reproduced articles. Due to high accuracy, and plenty of various materials you can produce articles of connected with short-run production, manufacturing of unique ultimate details.

Designers and engineers can add natural forms to the articles and to use a difficult geometry, including inside cavities and negative slopes. Traditional limitations of production with use of our equipment they do not exist.

Ultimate processing.  Depending on chosen material, the article can be subjected to subsequent processing: shot-blast processing, polishing, passage, bonding and coloring.