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In the Centre of prototyping to our customers the technology of the polyurethane mixes casting to silicon forms became accessible (Vacuum Casting). Given technology allows to achieve an optimum quality of finished products at the minimum  time and means expenditures.

Technology description

Technology can be segregated into a few main stages:

  • Master-model manufacturing using additive technologies
  • Master- model is prepared to be removed from silicon form. Master-model is mechanically processed with the surface formation of necessary structure.
  • Silicone form manufacturing. For the form manufacturing, tight framework in which silicone is filled is made. After silicone hardening in the form connector line is formed.
  • The polyurethane mixes casting in the form. Form is placed in vacuum-casting machine. Materials mixing and polymer two-component flooding takes place in vacuum machine.
  • The casting hardening and extraction from the form. Polyurethane is hardened in the thermocapboard. After that the item is extracted from silicon form.
  • Postprocessing (if necessary). The article undergoes a subsequent processing: flash removal, gates removal, polishing, operational development.


  • Wide choice of plastics with various properties;
  • Simplicity of silicon form manufacturing;
  • Silicone form safety;
  • High quality of finished products;